We will now get started on the frontend for our C# .Net Core application.

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Here is the first part of the tutorial for reference or if you haven’t started this part yet which I would recommend.

We will initialize our webpack project using webpack cli. We will first delete everything…

We will explain the reasons for access modifiers in c#.

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What are Access Modifiers?

There are levels of access you can specify for specific constructs. The only ones that you can’t be have a access modifier is based on their accessibility domain. How you would know their accessibility level would be based on the…

We are fetching data from pokeapi to illustrate how we would perform asynchronous operations in c#.

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But before anything we will setup our environment using visual studio here is a quick guide.

Great we will now create our solution, which will have a name of PokeApp, and a project which…

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