Brief Overview of Object Orientated Programming(OOP)

A brief overview of OOP .

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What is OOP?

OOP is Object Orientated Programming, which is based on creating a application based on splitting or restricting responsibilities using classes, interfaces, etc. There are multiple concepts such as abstraction, decomposition, generalization, encapsulation, and composition. The purpose of OOP is to make your applications extendable, maintainable, and reusable(if you were to change frameworks).

What are the concepts of OOP and why do we use them?

Abstraction — Abstraction is making classes has little surprises. Or making them as intuitive as possible.

What pattern is used most with OOP?

The most used pattern used for making web applications is model-view-controller. These are 3 main objects for model-view-controller. Entity, Control, and Boundary objects.

How would you structure a OOP web application?

You could follow many methodologies, but in this circumstance we would use Domain Driven Design .