Build a E-Commerce site using MERN Stack! STEP 1: Introduction

This will be in a series of tutorials that will be building a e-commerce site that has secured users through Auth0, secure backend, upload images(cloudinary), can accept payments(using stripe), and post to database(mongodb).

Concept you have to be at least familar with is advance javascript, and the basics of react, redux, express. Here is documentation I am referring to, so you can learn this concepts.

The freeCodeCamp and Codeacademy can make you experts in javascript, and react quickly.

Before we can even create our app.

Setup a cloudinary account,

Setup a stripe account.

Setup a mlab database.

Download Git if on window, no need for mac already installed in.

Download Postman

After downloading needed resources, and setting up account make sure to bookmark the documentation needed for this project. Here are the mongoose and mongodb docs. Don’t Download MongoDB. We will be using mlab instead.

NOTE: This is for javascript, bad description for link.

For storing your project if you don’t already have one, create a github

For help create a stack overflow account

And ask me for help on linkedIn or facebook, or the comments.

Here is step 2:

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