Build a E-Commerce site using MERN Stack! STEP 2: Basic Setup

We are going to have a basic setup of our directories, npm modules.

But first before anything lets create our react-app, if your do not have create-react-app, nodemon, npm, nvm, or node. Install them globally here are a couple of links for all of them.

Install Node and Npm, with just installing node.

OPTIONAL: Can also install yarn for faster downloads of npm modules.

Globally install nodemon and create-react-app, since you will be using it globally on your local machine.

npm i -g create-react-app 
npm i -g nodemon

Here is a little bit of documentation of installing nvm.

Finally lets create our react-app

so run create-react-app, if that doesn’t work run npx create-react-app, and name of your app, i will be calling it a boring basic name called e-commerce-app.

NOTE: App name has to be lowercase.

create-react-app e-commerce-app
npx create-react-app e-commerce-app

Now lets install the npm modules we need at the moment.

npm i --save dotenv express express-session body-parser cors cloudinary mongoose react-icons react-router-dom react-redux redux

Now lets setup directories in the backend. OUTSIDE THE src directory.

mkdir server 

Then cd to that directory and create a index.js file, which will be a main server file, and create a models folder for your mongoose models.

cd server
touch index.js
mkdir models

Now get out of server folder and cd to src and create a components directory, where your store the components. Now create a presentational folder, and a container folder for your presentational and container components. If you don’t know what that means. Looks at this article.

Right now that will be it, we will start on the backend first. Then go to the frontend. We will setup our backend next if you need a refresh or you don’t have the right stuff installed and bookmarked look at step 1.

Here is the git repository for reference.

And the next step if you feel like your ready for the next step.

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