Create a mongo database using atlas.

Ali Alhaddad
3 min readJan 10, 2021

We will create a no-sql database using mongo db atlas.

Create a account.

Go to mongdb atlas website

Click on Start Free button.

Setup your mongodb atlas account by signing up without a gmail account or with a gmail account.

Accept privacy policy and terms of service.

Next name the organization and project, in this case I am going by the default organization mongodb atlas is giving me, and setting the project name to “React-Native-Detox-Tutorial”.

I will also select javascript as my preferred language, you can set any languages list below in the screenshot as your preferred language.

Then select the free clusters

Create a starter cluster that is configured with aws. Also set the cluster to a region near you.

Follow dialog box below, go to the database access page, and create a new database user. The new user should have a username of admin, and auto generated secure password and set user privileges to “Atlas admin”.